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Planetary Health

Planetary health is a concept that was developed 30 years ago, but has really grown in the last 6 years. We start from the fact that the planet earth is sick, because of the human activity and the pollution which results from it. The environment is directly impacted, which is manifested by an increase in temperatures, a generalized change in climate, and an increase in natural disasters. Humanity living on planet earth is obviously impacted by these environmental changes, and it health from the very first vital needs to the life comfort and mental well-being are heavily threatened. Promoting and defending Planetary Health then implies advocating for the environment and its resources, for human health. Moreover, Planetary Health contains an idea of equality, no one should be left behind in the fight for a healthy environment and a safe world. 

We embrace this concept of planetary health because it is clear to us that we can no longer afford to address problems in an isolated, one-by-one approach. Let’s defend together our most precious asset by uniting all possible forces. Today we have the knowledge and the means to change our future, all we need is the strength of our will.

Gender Equality

If we stick to the strict definition of gender inequality, then it corresponds to « legal, social and cultural situation in which sex and/or gender determine different rights and dignity for women and men, which are reflected in their unequal access to or enjoyment of rights, as well as the assumption of stereotyped social and cultural roles » (European Institute for Gender Equality).

Behind this factual definition, there are serious challenges in the lives of discriminated women. Unfortunately, it is the large majority of women who are discriminated, to a greater or lesser extent, at a more or less dramatic level. But every discrimination, no matter how small, should have no place in our modern society. To overcome these inequalities, we believe that the empowerment of women is the most effective.  We believe in the incomparable power of women, and the huge positive impact they could have on society, if they had all the cards in their hands. This statement is not just ours, and a community of thinkers, scientists, and politicians recognize and defend this power and impact that women have. 

When it comes to the environment, although they are the first victims, women are also the most determining actors. That is why we believe in empowering women in this field, to train them to be leaders for Planetary Health. Thanks to our linked network, and our mentoring program, we contribute at our scale to this goal.

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